Alarm Response

Queensland Security Protection provide 24 hours security alarm response services ensuring someone can attend your establishment, when you cannot. If you require a Static Guard to remain onsite, we can accommodate this request too.

Generally speaking, business owners and/or managers are the personnel listed to attend an active alarm. Being awaken in the early hours of the morning, required to leave a family to attendant and active alarm, not knowing what you may be confronted with on arrival, not only can this compromise your livelihood but your safety too.

Our units are on standby ready to be dispatched in the case of an active alarm. This service in conjunction with our security monitoring team ensures your premises is always protected, regardless of your whereabouts.


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Our security alarm response services are targeted at Commercial Retail businesses and Residential Buildings Apartments all over Queensland. Alarm response covers any location that you sign up for protection and monitors the alarm activity.

How does this service work?

Whenever your staff or security alarm company alerts us, Queensland security protection will dispatch an officer to determine and identify the cause of the alarm. They will verify if a break-in has occurred or if it was a false alarm. The officials designated by the client will also be informed by our alarm response team. The security officer will suggest any further instructions according to the cause of the alarm.

Queensland security protection 24/7 alarm response and is staffed with the most skilled professionals. The staff here manages the day to day activities in addition to coordinating responses in cases of emergencies. This includes the alarm response service. Queensland security protection acts as a single connection for our customers and responds directly with you if a conspicuous alarm activity occurs at any of your properties.

Our efficient alarm response services enhance the prevention and dissuade vandalism or other criminal activities. We employ highly trained and seasoned professionals who patrol your property in their designated security vehicles.

Our prompt services are provided in accordance with and Australian Standards in terms of alarm response coverage through guarded patrols. Our response time is exceptional, and a detailed report is sent to the client at every occasion. We not only offer our services to our clients but also offer our services to clients who are already monitored.

Why opt for your Alarm Response Services?

Having a prompt and accurate response is the principal defence against any perpetrators. Non monitored alarms just make noise and do nothing else. You won’t get a notification in case of a break-in, or perhaps a neighbouring business will inform you of the incident. This is just not the adequate coverage needed in today’s time. If you switch to a monitored alarm, in case of an incident a skilled alarm response team will respond to the alarm. You will also be notified as per your instructions whether it was a burglar alarm, medical, fire or refrigeration alarm.

Our security specialists know what to do and how to respond with minimal damage in case of an alarm.

We're Accredited

You're in safe hands. Queensland Security Protection is ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited) and Government compliant.

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Alarm Response

Queensland Security Protection provide 24 hours alarm response services ensuring someone can attend your establishment, when you can't.

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