Queensland Security Protection are a team of highly trained physical security patrols and security guards provide security workplace and safety protection across all environments to various levels of government facilities across Queensland. We deliver outstanding customer service whilst protecting and monitoring government sites and critical infrastructure including:

  • Departmental buildings
  • Judicial buildings
  • Transit hubs, depots and vehicles
  • Cultural sites and attractions such as museums and art galleries
  • Defence force facilities
  • Critical infrastructure and utilities including sub-stations, energy grids and telecommunication facilites
  • Parliamentary locations

Public property such as parks and monuments.

Queensland Security Protection has officers deployed to protect government departments and facilities from vandalism, anti-social behaviour, graffiti and other property damage. We also have an 24 hour team on standby available for rapid response to any emergency situations. Out team acts with a unity of purpose, meaning we can offer an integrated solution that directly solves the risks commonly faced by government.

These premises are protected by QS Protection

Queensland Security Protection has also engaged the QR PATROL platform to provide our clients with software to monitor our security guards on site via a real-time tracking system. The QR PATROL platform includes features such as:

  • Real-time incident monitoring via automated emails sent to clients
  • Guard tracking and efficient workflow management for extra piece of mind
  • Live access to automatic guard checkpoint records

We use QR codes and beacon checkpoints to provide daily, weekly, or monthly security guard activity reports and digital copies of all our activity report backups are securely stored on our database for up to five (5) years.


For a completely confidential discussion about security services for a government facilities and critical infrastructure, please get in touch with us on  07 3186 8643 or enquire online and we will be able to assist you with your requirements.

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