Queensland Security Protection provides quality integrated healthcare security solutions to cover potential vulnerabilities. We work alongside your staff enabling the smooth provision of important healthcare services. Our security services do not interfere with the daily activities of staff, minimizing disruptions and achieving balance between protecting your staff, patients, visitors and assets.

Healthcare is an increasingly complex security arena with unique challenges and elements, including:

  • Patient safety
  • Staff safety
  • Tracking and controlling access to facilities
  • Protecting, tracking and accounting for restricted substances
  • Protecting the privacy of sensitive data

Queensland Security Protection have the capabilities and experience to provide unified solutions to the individual vulnerabilities present in different aged care facilities, including:

  • Providing highly trained security guards, who act with integrity and diligence to protect your facilities from intrusion and criminal activity.
  • Providing CCTV monitoring to protect and provide accountability for access to and activity in your facilities. For example, in waiting rooms, car parks and storage rooms

Access control monitoring to ensure unauthorised personnel do not gain access to sensitive or restricted areas, substances or data

Beyond these physical security measures Queensland Security Protection have solutions for other security risks to add an extra level of deterrence and accountability to your physical locations.


To secure the safety of your staff and health or aged care facilities, please contact Queensland Security Protection by today on  07 3186 8643 or enquire online and we will be able to assist with your requirements.

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