K9 (Canine) Unit

Ideal for deterring/discouraging unwanted behavior and crowd control. Our highly trained K9 Unit is on standby ready for your security needs.

K9 security Services

Queensland Security Protection strongly believe that using a trained K9 dog will achieve the best desirable result in meeting the expectation of our customers. At Queensland Security Protection, we provide the highest quality trained German Shepherd throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. 

K9 Dog Unit - qsp

These excellent dogs are licensed and apply their incredible instinct when supporting our guards to perform their security measures while on work site. They guard and protect difficult security options such as event security, commercial security, construction site security, industrial security, crowd control security, loss prevention, vandalism security, robbery security, assets protection, mobile and static security patrols.

Queensland Security Protection K9 dogs are essential in allowing the guard to be confident and safe while conducting their duties.  duties. The use of the patrol dogs can significantly minimise the risk of incidents and it can be very effective when individuals behaving inappropriately or refusing to accept direction form a security guard personnel.

Record have shown that premises that are protected by K9 security are less likely to be targeted by criminals, vandals or offender than those who are protected by a single guard patrol. Queensland Security Protection K9 patrol is one of the best security options where it provides a higher standard of security measures than guards alone. It also can save you on cost of repairs of any vandalism or damages of your premises. Which is why we are dedicated a high level of supervision to ensure that security measures are to be well maintained.

We're Accredited

You're in safe hands. Queensland Security Protection is ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited) and Government compliant.

Other Services

Regardless of your security needs, you can count on Queensland Security Protection to provide a tailored solution for your enterprise. 

Crowd Control

Crowds can be unpredictable - manage yours with QPS' event safety and crowd management solutions.

Event Security

Ensure your event, operates as smoothly as possible with the aid of our professional, highly trained security team.

Static Guard

Ease the stress and equip your premises with temporary, casual or full time on-site static security guard.

Alarm Response

Queensland Security Protection provide 24 hours alarm response services ensuring someone can attend your establishment, when you can't.

K9 Unit

Ideal for deterring/discouraging unwanted behavior and crowd control. Our highly trained K9 Unit is on standby ready for your security needs.

Mobile Patrol

The QSP fleet is equipped with modern vehicles boasting state-of-the art security technology - ideal to patrol your establishment.

Wireless Solar Cam

Introducing the state-of-the-art solar powered, wireless live surveillance camera. Secure, record and protect your job-site for as little as $0.50 per hour with QSP.


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