Queensland Security Protection provides protection against unlawful access to restricted facilities or locations and after-hours security patrols to deter and detect suspicious or criminal activities. With our professional security solutions, you can be assured operations and personnel are safeguarded whilst minimizing potential damage in critical or emergency situations.

Protecting facilities, equipment and personnel in the manufacturing, mining, energy and other industrial sectors pose many unique security challenges. Within each industry, various threats and security risks need to be addressed, including:

  • Site and facility access
  • Preparation of emergency response procedures
  • Deterrence of criminal activity
  • Personnel safety

At Queensland Security Protection, we plan, develop and implement comprehensive security solutions to address the unique security challenges faced by your company.

No matter where your operations are located in Queensland, you can now get the security you need.


When you need a security for your manufacturing or industrial operations, please get in touch with us on 07 3186 8643 or enquire online and we will be able to assist with your requirements.

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