Static Guard Security

Ease the stress and equip your premises with temporary, casual or full time on-site static security guard.

Static Guard Services

Static Guard is an additional service that we provide at Queensland Security Protection. In May 2019 there was over 2027 reports of stolen goods within a premise whereas a residential customer you’re to overall feel most guarded and protected. Without ethical security personnel the welfare of the community within your precinct is at a significant risk by 80% of being a victim and another preventable statistic. Queensland Security Protection Static Guards are law – abiding, qualified and equipped with the appropriate attire from detectable uniforms and adequate body cameras.

Static Guard security - qsp

By entrusting Queensland Security Protection Static Guards, you’re not only protecting employees but also ensuring that the welfare of your clients with a quality service that is in accordance with public safety requirements while meeting our specific client’s needs. Our static security guard duties include full surveillance services including site patrols, CCTV monitoring and discreet access control.

Our Static Guards are equipped with Axon Body cameras that record any conversation with tbe public to ensure that the maximum level of security protection is provided to all our clients and their physical property. We can provide an immediate response and awareness to misconduct at a safe distance minimising risk to the first responder and the surrounding community. At Queensland Security Protection we secure your desired premises by frequently patrolling the property, thoroughly inspecting buildings, access points and equipment. This prevents the likeliness of trespassing, vandalism, and a large range of other offences in and around businesses and work sites. Not only is it their responsibility to monitor visitors at the precinct, monitor staff and their practices, ensure appropriate safety measures are consistently met and to quickly access potential hazards and respond to emergencies. Just like event security, static security guards work effectively to prevent unfavorable incidents and take correct measures if any situations arise.

Our professional static security guards have extensive experience in guarding offices and companies across a broad region in Queensland. By giving the opportunity for extended employment at the given site our guards become accustomed to the routines of the business allowing them to be aware of your company’ s operations and procedures. Our team of static security guards are educated in all current Public Liability and Safety legislation and is ensured through the implementation of our internal training system which is reviewed regularly.

We are also proud to offer around the clock 24/7 protection in order to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of burglary, fraud, and theft. Our security service ensures your business can continue to thrive and securely operate while your staff and information is guarded with confidentiality. We will also beat any competitors’ price by 10% allowing our clients to have the best Static Guards without breaking business budgets.

Keep up to date with every activity in real time

Queensland Security Protection (QR Patrol Application)

QR Patrol which is also known as a Mobile patrol which is a tour system app to monitor the guards while on site it is a real-life tracking system. Where it includes features such as:

Incident Monitoring

Monitoring incidents in real-time as automated emails will be sent with multimedia data allowing our clients to have access anywhere, anytime.

Guard Monitoring

We monitor your guards and manage your workflow in an efficient way, automating all internal work process and giving our clients that extra piece of mind.

Keep up to date

Through the app you're able to create guard' s timesheet and we will follow your specific schedule. This allows our clients to have that extra flexibility when communicating with assigned security personnel's.

Real Time Access

Automatic records of checking in and out in real-time giving the ability to track working hours and take control of your budget today.

Advanced Reports

An advanced reporting software that has the capability to create multiple reports using advanced filtering and exporting.

Beacon Checkpoints

Scanned QR codes and Beacon checkpoints are placed on the precinct and you will be automatically notified about immediate alerts and reports giving our clients the opportunity to have access to the first advanced personnel telecommunications incorporating updated technologies.

We're Accredited

You're in safe hands. Queensland Security Protection is ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited) and Government compliant.

Other Services

Regardless of your security needs, you can count on Queensland Security Protection to provide a tailored solution for your enterprise. 

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Crowds can be unpredictable - manage yours with QPS' event safety and crowd management solutions.

Event Security

Ensure your event, operates as smoothly as possible with the aid of our professional, highly trained security team.

Static Guard

Ease the stress and equip your premises with temporary, casual or full time on-site static security guard.

Alarm Response

Queensland Security Protection provide 24 hours alarm response services ensuring someone can attend your establishment, when you can't.

K9 Unit

Ideal for deterring/discouraging unwanted behavior and crowd control. Our highly trained K9 Unit is on standby ready for your security needs.

Mobile Patrol

The QSP fleet is equipped with modern vehicles boasting state-of-the art security technology - ideal to patrol your establishment.

Wireless Solar Cam

Introducing the state-of-the-art solar powered, wireless live surveillance camera. Secure, record and protect your job-site for as little as $0.50 per hour with QSP.


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